What Are Physiotherapy Services?

19 Nov

Physiotherapy services rendered by the local public health services in Peace River are usually offered on an outpatient or in-patient basis in hospitals. Physiotherapist are trained medical practitioners who utilize mainly non-invasive physical therapies including massage, electrical manipulation and exercise to treat patients with physical disabilities. Some of the common ailments that a patient might experience are: joint pain, musculoskeletal problems, mental problems, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disorders, asthma and so on. This medical care is offered by professional therapists who specialize in treating patients suffering from physical disabilities and/or illness. A qualified physiotherapist can help patients in gaining better control over their body functions through a systematic physical therapy program.

The physical therapy services of a physical therapist includes: massage, exercise and rehabilitation. A massage therapy session can be conducted for relieving pain and restoring normal muscle tone.

Exercise can also be beneficial for physically disabled individuals to enhance their mobility. Exercises may include stretching exercises to strengthen the muscles in the body.

Physiotherapists provide rehabilitative services, which consist of the rehabilitation of the patient following an accident or illness. Rehabilitation can be either manual or applied, which includes physiotherapy treatments designed to correct physical dysfunction or improve muscle function. Rehabilitation of the body is necessary in order for it to heal itself, repair tissues and organs and perform normal everyday functions. This kind of care can help patients avoid injuries and develop new physical capabilities that can be used to function independently and gain self-confidence.

Medical equipment used in physiotherapy services may vary according to the type of patient's case. For example, in the case of a patient with paralysis, a physiotherapist will not use mechanical equipment like wheelchairs. Instead, the patient will be required to stand for extended periods of time. This procedure is known as semi-rigid compression. Semi-rigid compression ensures that the patient is in a position that is comfortable and allows him/her to maintain good balance even after standing up.

A good physical therapist in your local choice  will determine the type of physiotherapy services that are suitable for a patient's condition and the level of physical function that is achievable. He or she will use the most suitable equipment for that particular situation. To choose the best equipment for a patient, a physical therapist will take into consideration the patient's medical history, current health status, the strength and mobility of the patient, and other factors like weight, age and gender.

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